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Jobs - Apprentice 101: An American Solution

Jobs - Apprentice 101: An American Solution

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Jobs - An American Solution is a specific "jobs creation" idea that would be initiated by businesses and individual entrepreneurs and based on an "apprenticeship approach". It is a self-help program that is intended to expedite the creation of good-paying skilled and professional jobs. It is not a government regulated apprenticeship similar to those that are common in European or Asian countries. This "Apprentice 101" program is a voluntary, unstructured "jobs initiative" by private individuals, small or large businesses, trade organizations, unions, municipalities, etc. The basic motivation for a business or entrepreneur is a generous tax credit for every apprentice candidate they hire, sponsor and train. This is not a government hand-out but an investment in America and its citizens that promises to be extraordinary. Researchers at Columbia University and the City University of New York, found that for "each unemployed youth - someone between the ages of 16 and 24 who is in neither work or school - costs taxpayers nearly $ 14,000 dollars per year in direct costs for things like medical bills and government aid, while ultimately creating a "social burden" of more than $37,000 dollars annually (when accounting for the costs of crime and lost tax revenue)". Jobs are the life blood of our economy. They create wealth in exchange for services rendered that increase and improve our way of life. Current unemployment and under-employment is especially high. The many jobless people in America are losing hope of an economic recovery. Our politicians, Republicans and Democrats, respond with contrasting solutions that focus only on taxes and spending. Our large cities and communities are especially in need of real good-jobs if we are to succeed in fighting poverty. We need to encourage our more fortunate citizens to provide job opportunities for the less-fortunate. Our young people need mentors and assurance of employment