The Job getting Formula For Nurses Seeking   Registered Nursing Jobs: A Simple 5-Step Secret To Get A Good Job... That Will Offer You A Good Life Full Of Fun (Volume 1)

The Job getting Formula For Nurses Seeking Registered Nursing Jobs: A Simple 5-Step Secret To Get A Good Job... That Will Offer You A Good Life Full Of Fun (Volume 1)

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5 BIG Reasons Why Most People Will Always Fail To Get The Jobs They Want… And How To Avoid Making The Same Mistakes 1. Reason #1: Employers are looking for passionate and service-dedicated A-players who are driven to deliver results, and who would do anything creative and unconventional to get the jobs they are passionate about. Most job seekers lack the passion, drive and energy for the jobs they go after, thereby violating Big Question 1 of the Job-getting Formula. In Step 1 of this book, you’ll learn the secret mindset and winning habits that will offer you “insurance” against failure in getting the job you want. 2. Reason #2: Most people DO NOT take time to investigate the problem of the prospective employer before applying for the job – they therefore send out generic resumes and cover letters, which confirm that they do not have a clue about the employer’s problems. Again, violating Big Question 2 of the Job-getting Formula. In Step 2 of this book, you’ll learn what I call the “Gold Digger’s Approach” for figuring out the exact problem, for which an employer is willing to hire you to solve. 3. Reason #3: Most job seekers send out weak and mediocre resumes and cover letters that DO NOT market and sell their in-demand skills and accomplishments to the employer – instead, these portray them as incompetent “paycheck mongers” who can’t deliver results. This violates Big Question 3 of the Job-getting Formula. In Step 3 of this book, you’ll learn how to combine some little-known Rules of Influence and other “bad-ass” techniques to FORCE a hiring manager (or hiring decision maker) to call you for an interview. 4. Reason #4: Most job seekers, despite great skills, experience and qualifications, may fall short of the courage (fear of rejection), skills, and techniques of directly contacting informants, in order to rip off vital information regarding problems faced by employers, on one hand; and meet hiring managers to sell their in-demand skills, on the other hand. This violates Big Question 4. In Step 4 of this book, we’ll show you how to contact a hiring manager, head of department or hiring decision maker… in a way that makes them see you as competent, confident and “mature” for the job you want. 5. Reason #5: Most job seekers, who succeed to get to the interview stage, fail to prove their worth as marketed and sold by their resume and cover letter. This is because they lack insider knowledge about the interviewing techniques and psychology used by recruiters, hiring managers and hiring decision makers for judging candidates. This directly violates Big Question 5, and stops them from passing an interview and getting a job offer. In Step 5 of this book, we’ll reveal over 178 toughest interview questions as well as the psychology, rules, formulas and techniques for answering them. The rest of this book deals with the details of each Step (or BIG Question) of the Job-getting Formula. You will discover simple, never-before revealed secrets you never could fathom on your own. We’ll walk you step-by-step through each one of the killer techniques as we move on.