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Careers Creating Search Engines

Careers Creating Search Engines

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ReadHowYouWant publishes a wide variety of best selling books in Large Print and Super Large Print formats in partnership with leading publishers. EasyRead books are available in 11pt and 13pt. type. EasyRead Large books are available in 16pt, 16pt Bold, and 18pt Bold type. EasyRead Super Large books are available in 20pt. Bold and 24pt. Bold Type. You choose the format that is right for you. This fascinating book successfully takes on the history of search engines from the early days in the halls of places like MIT to its current Google explosion. Students will appreciate the clear language that the author uses to explain difficult concepts, especially when it comes to defining how search engines operate. Illustrated flow charts help to simplify these explanations, while interesting anecdotes of key industry players will keep students engaged. This title is jam-packed with information useful to both job seekers and students who are merely curious about the Internet and its origins. To find more titles in your Large Print or Super Large Print format, Search in Books using EasyRead and the size of the font that makes reading easier and more enjoyable for you.