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Layoff: American Dream Interrupted

Layoff: American Dream Interrupted

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Closed-door meetings, canceled projects, and office rumors hint at another round of layoffs at the company. Chris is a loyal thirty-year human resources executive in headquarters. Juan is a nervously employed company man playing the corporate game in hopes of a better future for his son. And single Jade-previously laid off in the first round of cuts-relies upon her faith as she races against the clock to find a job before her severance money runs out. Their diverse lives intertwine when unexpected changes and tragedies bring them together. Each discovers what matters most as they seek to maintain the stability and comfort of their homes, jobs, and families. Layoff: American Dream Interrupted creates awareness and humanizes the impact of job loss. Isom-Barnes uniquely reaches the business community with an invaluable tool for leaders, human resource professionals, and anyone who has ever experienced a layoff.