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Cover Letters That Blow Doors Open

Cover Letters That Blow Doors Open

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Although a resume is important, the cover letter is the first impression. This book is a compilation of great cover letters that helped real people get in the door for job interviews against stiff competition. Included are letters that show how to approach employers when you're moving to a new area, how to write a cover letter when you're changing fields or industries, and how to arouse the employer's interest in dialing your number first from a stack of resumes. Some of the cover letters in this book landed jobs in fields including financial consulting, data entry, insurance, banking, customer service, school systems, restaurants, hospitality industry, retail, police force, social work, nonprofit organizations, sales, municipalities, medicine and healthcare, landscaping, management information systems, teaching, publishing, top management, electronics, accounting and auditing, agriculture, criminal justice, human resources, manufacturing, automotive, telecommunications, dentistry, academic affairs, childcare, sports, rest homes, business operations, journalism, quality control, the arts, bookselling, and many other fields. Designed as a comprehensive guide to cover letter preparation, the 272-page book shows examples of exciting and door-opening cover letters. The first section of the book shows cover letters used to blow doors open in the accounting, banking, and financial community. From aviation, to computer operations, to management, to sales, to transportation, cover letters tailored to specific fields are illustrated which can be used as "models" or templates tailored to specific fields. But what if a job hunter is changing fields or doesn't need a cover letter targeting a specific field or functional area? The book has a complete section showing examples of all-purpose cover letters, career-change cover letters, cover letters for entrepreneurs, and cover letters for those seeking their first job. And for those seeking advice on how to respond to ads, how to handle questions about salary requirements, how to request consideration for multiple job openings in the organization, and how to write letters for special situations, there's a section entitled Sixteen Commonly Asked Questions About Cover Letters (and Job Hunting). In a job hunt, the cover letter is the first impression, and great cover letters can blow doors open to create employment opportunities. Job hunting just got easier with this great book! Rave reviews for this book! "A comprehensive collection of cover letters for different career fields." - Catholic Library World Testimonials from some who used this book: "The letter I prepared using this book resulted in my receiving a $15,000 annual raise from my current employer. Thanks!" Larry D. "The employer who interviewed me said that my cover letter was the best letter he'd ever received. You got me in the door that led to my desired career change." Melissa W. "I got reinstated in my college degree program based on the letter I wrote using the sample in your book." Angela H. "I thought I had burned a bridge with a potential employer until your letter helped me recapture their interest and then gain the job offer I wanted. I am in your debt." Miriam S.