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Real Resumes for Financial Jobs

Real Resumes for Financial Jobs

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This title is designed to be the best friend of those who want to enter, advance in, and change jobs in one of the most interesting industries in the 21st century. The best way to enter a new industry is to look and sound as though you "belong" to the field, so there are resumes to help the career-minded find their first job in the financial world. Other resumes help the financially astute professional advance in the field. You'll find job titles such as these in this book: auditor, financial services consultant, investment banker, commercial banker, bookkeeper, commercial loan specialist, data entry operator, controller, chief financial officer, budget management specialist, business analyst, business services manager, accounts receivable specialist, insurance adjuster, funds transfer analyst, loan officer, mortgage consultant, real estate broker, revenue field auditor, accounting manager, staff accountant, tax auditor, teller supervisor, training operations manager, and many others! This book offers a rich mix of resumes and cover letters designed to help the career-minded advance in the financial field. From mortgage loan officer, to controller, to accounting manager, you will see examples of resumes used by real people to move in (and up) in the financial industry. Learn how to show off your technical know-how using effective formats and prose. And just in case your goal is to transition out of the financial field, you'll find resumes and cover letters of people who changed careers. A word of advice from Editor Anne McKinney: "If you want to enter the field of finance or advance in the industry, you don't need just any resume book. You need an industry-specific book. You will love this book targeted specifically to the financial field. Every resume and cover letter we put in a Real-Resumes Series book has been tested and proven in the real job market. Don't play games with your career. Your choice of a resume book is one of the most important career decisions you will ever make." Praise for books in the Real-Resumes Series: "Distinguished by its highly readable samples." - Library Journal "These excellent new guides don't just provide the usual coverage on how to write a resume. They provide industry-specific examples, industry-specific tips and cautions, and industry-specific strategies based on real-world resumes. Since many technical types aren't writers, this comes as a special gift; select a winning format, plug in your background specs, and away you go. It's that easy--with Real-Resumes in hand."-- The Midwest Book Review Testimonials of people who successfully used this book: "After years as a Mortgage Loan Officer, I needed a new challenge. Real-Resumes showed me how to reposition myself within my own industry." D. Marks "My job change was not voluntary. I was downsized by the banking industry. Thanks to Real-Resumes, I landed on my feet as a Chief Financial Officer in a related industry." A. Costello "After years in accounting, I was in a rut and in need of a change just to keep my brain stimulated. Real-Resumes changed my life and helped me find a new career." D. Folsom "Cover letter preparation was a mystery to me. I didn't know if I needed one cover letter or many different ones. Real-Resumes solved the mystery!" K. Santorelli “This book was my lifeline to a new career. After a successful first career in banking, I found myself in jobs that were dead ends. I wanted to change careers but didn’t know how. This book showed me samples of career-change resumes and cover letters that gave me insights into how to find greener pastures. Banking is in my rear view mirror now.” A. Pavolaski