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Real-Resumes for Auto Industry Jobs

Real-Resumes for Auto Industry Jobs

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Whether the reader wants to stay in the auto industry or transition into another field, this book will help. It shows samples of resumes and cover letters that worked for real people. This title will be a valuable resource to auto industry professionals who seek technical, management, or sales positions. Entering a new field can be difficult, so newcomers to the field will learn how to show off their potential and skills to best advantage. Experienced professionals will find help in advancing to the best technical, management, and sales positions in the industry. Auto industry professionals often change fields, too, and the book includes resumes of individuals who have successfully transitioned into other areas. A "bonus" of the book is that it also shows samples of paperwork involved in obtaining federal government positions; for example, the book includes samples of the KSAs as well as the "resumix" often required to apply for federal positions. Praise for other books in the Real-Resumes Series: "Distinguished by its highly readable samples." - Library Journal "These excellent new guides don't just provide the usual coverage on how to write a resume. They provide industry-specific examples, industry-specific tips and cautions, and industry-specific strategies based on real-world resumes. Since many technical types aren't writers, this comes as a special gift; select a winning format, plug in your background specs, and away you go. It's that easy--with Real-Resumes in hand."-- The Midwest Book Review Testimonials from people who have successfully used this book: "After years in the car business, I found myself in need of a resume for the first time. The samples in this book helped me decide what to show and how to show it." S. Pantelakos, car dealer "I was able to make a career change from car sales to advertising sales using the advice in this book." J. Mestaphalos, sales professional "I could have depended on word-of-mouth to get my next job, but my salary offers improved after presenting myself with a professional resume using Real-Resumes samples." A. Koplan, business manager “When the auto industry tanked and I found myself downsized despite a track record of outstanding performance and superior contributions to the bottom line, I was in desperate need of a resume. Thank goodness I found this book tailored specifically to my career background. The samples in this book showed me how to translate my background and accomplishments into ‘generic’ language that any industry could understand, and I got numerous interviews and job offers in other industries despite a sour economy. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and that impression determines whether you get in the door for an interview. I wasn’t worried about how to sell myself once I got in the door, but getting in the door was vital. This book helped me open doors for myself.” T. Garsolis