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Be The One . . . Get Hired, Be Promoted, and Excel in Leadership

Be The One . . . Get Hired, Be Promoted, and Excel in Leadership

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BE THE ONE is about a journey - our journey to find success in our careers. Your journey most likely began the day you chose to work for a living or, if you're like me, the day your father told you to "get a job." Quickly our journey becomes filled with success and failure. At some point, we all experience being hired or not being hired; receiving a promotion or being turned down for a promotion; and creating, building, and losing relationships. Some of us will become leaders and some may never have the opportunity to lead. I'm going to assume that this morning you woke up with all the best intentions to find success - to be better today than yesterday. BE THE ONE will help you along your daily journey. BE THE ONE is filled with insights and stories of success and failure that will provide you with the necessary tools to grow and enhance your career. We'll begin the process by looking at you. After spending time in self-discovery and introspection, we'll move on to your interpersonal skills and your ability to build lifelong relationships. Last, I'll share with you leadership traits and skills to best prepare you for a leadership role. If you're already in a position of leadership, these same traits and skills will increase your effectiveness-everything from creating a vision, to hiring winners, to managing results.