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Wake Up!: Inspiring and challenging reminders of what it means to be a no-compromise leader

Wake Up!: Inspiring and challenging reminders of what it means to be a no-compromise leader

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Leaders -- human as they are -- are subject to numerous foibles and are continually a work-in-progress. Neil strives to spur leaders to ever-improving levels of communication, accountability, profitable growth -- what is needed to succeed in boon times and down economies.We call this collection the best-of-the-best, although that might be a misnomer. It is more precisely a better-than-the-best compendium. We worked to truly make Wake Up! a timeless resource. Wake Up! Is more than a cup of Joe -- it is an in-your-face double shot of espresso.Wake Up! is not the type of book that you'll read start to finish like a tense crime novel. You'll pick and choose what columns speak to you in any given moment. Don't worry about reading the chapters in order. This is a case where it's most assuredly "all good."At times you may meet a topic with resistance and defense. You may be spurred to action -- or just anger. Or, you may read several chapters in a row, thinking, "Yes, yes, yes," and then not put thought into practice.That's what this book is here for -- to meet you on your leadership path and to illuminate the road ahead. You may not want to hear what's being said; you may not be ready to hear it. Read it anyway. Walk away, and then reread it. The columns that make you the most uncomfortable are most likely the ones you need the most. Have your management team and staff read them. Discuss them and come up with an action plan for your business.Neil writes about the business challenges that lie in the shadows. He's brave enough to shine a light on the areas that many would prefer to leave alone. He's not afraid to stir the pot. The question is, "Are you ready?"Wake Up! offers guidance, insight and inspiration that you won't find anywhere else. What you do with it is up to you.What readers are saying about Wake Up!"Wake Up! simply makes sense and brings to light the tough questions and the difficult situations all entrepreneurs face."John T. Harms, founder and CEO, Millennium by Harms Software Inc."If you can't take the heat or don't want the truth, don't read this book! Neil speaks the truth when he says almost all business problems are the result of executives compromising when they should stand up."Jim Horan, president, The One Page Business Plan Company"This book will make you smarter, happier, richer, more confident, prepared to make better decisions and the envy of your competitors. Read it before they do!"Matthew Cross, president, LeadershipAlliance.com; author, Get Your Priorities Straight"Simple, relevant and practical. Neil has stuffed Wake Up! with golden nuggets that everyone would love to read, be inspired and be a better 'no compromise,' innovative leader." Praveen Gupta, director, Center for Innovation Science and Applications, Illinois Institute of Technology"Ducoff does it again! Wake Up! is brilliant and to the point. This a phenomenal source for any business."John R. DiJulius III, author, What's the Secret?