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Customer Delight: Strategic Insights for Market Leaders

Customer Delight: Strategic Insights for Market Leaders

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People have commented that Customer Delight sounds like a tasty treat, and indeed this book hits a sweet spot when it comes to business literature. Great care has been taken to ensure this book is engaging, informative and useful to those who run companies. Customer Delight yields gems of insight into the psychology of business success as well as practical advice on business strategy. It is a must-have for every market leader in an age of increasing competition and elevated customer expectations. The author, Alain Guillemain, is Principal Strategist at inexure, a strategy advisory firm catering to market leaders. He works closely with executives and company directors to set strategic goals and deliver outcomes. Alain's expertise spans financial services, mining services, real estate, recruitment, education, information technology, web and multimedia. Alain holds an MBA from the University of Newcastle and a Master of Commerce from Deakin University.