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WHAT HAPPENED TO US: Simple Truths Behind Leadership Crises

WHAT HAPPENED TO US: Simple Truths Behind Leadership Crises

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Do you feel blindsided and confused? Would you like to know WHAT HAPPENED TO US? Why do we keep finding ourselves in these chaotic situations? You need a dose of “Simple Truths Behind Leadership Crises.” Decades of studies and observations have shown that most successful companies and organizations have at least one important thing in common. They know that better leaders create better results. Companies with effective leadership outperform competitors. These leaders have vision and passion for achieving what is best for their organizations. Yet, the majority of today’s corporate leaders act as if they don’t know or don’t care. It’s proven that better leadership gets better results. WHAT HAPPENED TO US ? strengthens leadership capabilities by identifying characteristics that show you how to develop your own strategies tailored to your unique business needs. This book awakens leadership potentials through powerful insight and discussions, It helps the readers to identify, develop, and deploy strong leadership in all aspects of the society. This book is not about the academic side of leadership nor does it deal with fancy concepts and strategic positioning. It is a book about leadership as it is practiced today—the good, the bad and the ugly. This is a book about leadership that digs deep for truth to find the root of what is causing our leadership to malfunction and what needs to be done to fix it. It is a study of today’s leadership trends with its unique approach to one of the most complex issues of our time. “Dr. Zainaleain's “WHAT HAPPENED TO US?" is a book about effective leadership that stands out from the plethora of management and leadership books in remarkable ways. Tom Schmitt, President & CEO of Purolator Shipping and Past CEO of FedEx Services