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Healing Healthcare: A Leadership Journey

Healing Healthcare: A Leadership Journey

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Written for healthcare executives, Healing Healthcare is a compelling guide for leading, implementing and sustaining lean transformation. It provides a roadmap for achieving organizational excellence, focusing on C suite responsibilities, and clearly demonstrates the return on investment around patient care, financial performance, and cultural transformation. Written in the form of a business novel, it is both a quick read and an insightful leadership journey. Will Patterson is the new CEO at Healing University Medical Center. What he inherits is a broken system; an organization losing money, exhausted doctors and nurses, high turnover rates, and patient satisfaction at an all-time low. When his own mother suffers a minor heart attack and receives excellent care at another facility, Patterson is faced with a stark realization: he would not have wanted her to have come to his hospital. Rather than despair, he reaches out to the CEO where his mother was treated in the hopes of discovering their secret. What he finds are a leadership philosophy and the tools to completely transform Healing University.Transformational leadership is the philosophy. Lean provides the tools. Patterson is initially skeptical about the idea of applying Lean processes to Healing U. After all, patients are not inanimate objects flowing through a process. But by focusing on this idea Patterson and his team have a revelation. Lean, and all its tools can supercharge process performance and patient care when the patients, and their unique perspectives and experiences, are acknowledged and used to improve the process. Using this approach, Healing University revolutionizes the application of Lean in Healthcare and introduces the concept of Healing Pathways: Value Streams through which patients flow. Patterson and his team empower their people to use Lean to improve Healing Pathways. To his surprise, this approach also creates a profound cultural transformation at Healing University. Patterson realizes that process and cultural transformation are two sides of the same coin. It's about the process; and it's about the people. The improvements in patient care, patient satisfaction, profitability, and team member satisfaction are astounding.