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Why Leadership Sucks: Fundamentals of Level 5 Leadership and Servant Leadership

Why Leadership Sucks: Fundamentals of Level 5 Leadership and Servant Leadership

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When Jim Collins coined the term “Level 5 Leadership” in his book Good to Great, little did he know he would inspire a generation to become servant leaders. Do you wish you were in leadership, or are you frustrated with being in leadership? Do you wonder why leadership sucks? You are not alone. **Award for Why Leadership Sucks** Winner of Joel Friedlander's eBook Cover Design Award for October 2012 in Nonfiction "This strong cover uses color and composition to illustrate the book’s thesis. Confident and direct, it does a great job of matching the tone of the provocative title." **Praise for Why Leadership Sucks** "Miles speaks frankly and offers hard-hitting, cold-hard truths behind effective leadership. In short concise chapters, he packs it into one body of knowledge." "I was so pleasantly surprised by this book. It is well written and timely. It is also right on with what is needed in business and politics today." Why does leadership suck? It sucks because real leadership is hard, requires selfless service, and because the buck stops here. Servant leadership or Level 5 leadership is uncomfortable, humbling, self-denying, painful, and counter-intuitive; nonetheless, it is the only kind of leadership that brings lasting results, genuine happiness, and true self-fulfillment. **More praise for Why Leadership Sucks** "I was honestly not expecting something so hefty! I can barely imagine the amount of time and thought that went into it. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself!" "I have started reading your book and find it to be really good, although I had no doubt. It is a fast read and so far hits the nail on the head." To discover why leadership is frustrating and learn practical action steps for your leadership journey, download a sample or buy Why Leadership Sucks now.