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Globalization: America's Leadership Challenge Ahead

Globalization: America's Leadership Challenge Ahead

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“Globalization is becoming a business imperative for survival and growth.” During the past two decades, our world has become much more interconnected and global. As a direct result of expanded international trade, the continued proliferation of the Internet and e-commerce, social media and many other factors, the complexity and challenges associated with navigating in this rapidly evolving global environment presents numerous new opportunities and leadership challenges on all fronts. Are today’s leaders equipped to manage the complexity and challenges of a rapidly evolving global business environment? What are the associated leadership challenges we must overcome as members of this new global society? You will discover that Globalization: America’s Leadership Challenge Ahead addresses many of these challenges, and provides a strong call to action for each of us to take a more active leadership role in shaping our future while leaving a legacy of hope for generations to come.