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Can't Get Enough Leadership: Self Coaching Secrets (Volume 1)

Can't Get Enough Leadership: Self Coaching Secrets (Volume 1)

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The insights in this unique leadership guide help you develop the leadership skills necessary to become the master of yourself so you will be ready, willing and able to lead others. Self leadership happens through self-learning and self-coaching. As you build your capability to lead, people become attracted to you and this opens the door for trusting you. When they trust you, people will be open to listening to what you have to say. Please note that this is a "reference book," like a dictionary or any other similar resource that is not meant to be read cover to cover. Readers would normally look up a leadership subject of interest in the Table of Contents and then proceed to read that self-coaching insight in the book. The content in this book is based on leadership book reviews and self-coaching insights published on The Leadership Blog at www.CoachingTip.com. Future leadership blog postings can be downloaded automatically to your Kindle by subscription through the Kindle store.