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The Art of Money Getting

The Art of Money Getting

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P.T. Barnum was a showman, an entertainer and a businessman. Back in 1880 he published a book, Art of Money Getting, where he gave 19th century folks advice on how to make money or, at least, live a financially stable life. In this fictional book by Portuguese author Ivo Da Sousa, Barnum's spirit, who's been watching over humanity from above for the past century, decides to speak to modern individuals and give them a lesson or two on how in today's times of crisis, they can start their own business and make it grow into a profitable activity. From how to manage your own finances, and the importance of persevering when following your dreams, to the importance of focusing energy on one specific goal, and ensuring you keep your integrity, this 'modern version' of Barnum's book is an essential guide to understand the real meaning of entrepreneurship and is packed with useful lessons on how to be successful in business. All in all, this book is a clever approach to communicating P.T. Barnum's sound and timeless principles related to both gaining and retaining wealth and being successful in business, demonstrating the great value of retaining core business and wealth values, especially today as our society can often looks for shortcuts.