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Finance-Romance. European Corporate Jungles. (Russian Edition)

Finance-Romance. European Corporate Jungles. (Russian Edition)

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"Finance-Romance" is a collection of corporate stories, each chapter is candid and filled with passion. Some of these stories actually happened or nearly happened or might have happened. Some of them shouldn’t have happened at all. Being a financial professional, Yana Afanasieva knows about the corporate world first hands. Throughout her career she has worked for several multinational companies, such as StoraEnso, DPWN, ArcelorMittal and Amazon. When she is not busy managing compliance risks of Amazon EU operations, she writes a blog, travels, speaks 5 languages with a different degree of confidence, and buys shoes when she does not know what to do next. Yana lives in Luxembourg with her family. She was born and raised in the North-West Russia, graduated from Economics Department of Helsinki University and received her EMBA from Rotterdam School of Management.