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UP: Pursuing Significance in Leadership and Life

UP: Pursuing Significance in Leadership and Life

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UP is the direction of humanity's finest pursuit, and Significance is the hope of every soul on this planet. We all desire to be of significance, and we all tend to look up as we climb higher toward this noble goal. There have been many books written, many models developed and many words spoken about Significance. It is a very elusive commodity, and an even harder one to define and describe, yet we still seek it. This book is based on The Summit Advance Model, which was developed first as a systematic leadership assessment process to target "high potential" and "at-risk" performers, then to enable leaders to move ahead from sometimes a survival mindset to success and even significance. It is built upon the concept of scaling a mountain with three main levels: Survival, Success and Significance. And for those who dare and dream, and believe, there is one place even higher - the Summit. As this model was developed, it became very clear that it was not just a leadership model, but a map to Significance for everyone, in every place. It is for the pursuit of Significance in Leadership and Life.