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Level 5 Leadership at Work

Level 5 Leadership at Work

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James Emery continues his Heroic Change journey in this second installment of the Heroic Change series. Due to his staggering success in improving the Modern Products Manufacturing Atlanta site, James has recently been promoted to Reliability Champion at its corporate offices. James has specifically been tasked with improving each of the Modern Products Manufacturing sites. Throughout the journey, James faces site managers who resent his interference in managing their own sites, site managers who appreciate the help but lack the skills of leadership, and other obstacles that threaten to derail his hopes of a successful company-wide change effort in which his own career success is depending upon. James faces conflicting emotions, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and the impossible challenges of balancing family and work, managers versus leaders, and profitability versus safety in both his personal and professional journey. Will the Atlanta site continue to improve and sustain the change? Or will Atlanta regress while James attention is focused on the other sites? Will James be successful in his company-wide change effort? All of these questions and more will be revealed in this heartfelt journey to discovering how Level 5 Leadership at Work can guide an entire organization into truly lasting Heroic Change