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The Little Black Book of Leadership

The Little Black Book of Leadership

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If you know in your heart you are here for something big - and ready to be sharing your gifts with the world – then Dorris Burch will reveal exactly how you can stop holding yourself back and give you the tools you need to start playing a bigger game in your life and business on your own terms. The new paradigm of Feminine Leadership calls us to step into our role as the change-makers we’re meant to be, which includes walking our talk, “being the change”, and nurturing ourselves and our desires. Want to pick the locks on what has you shackled, frustrated and stuck... Creating our dream lives and wealth using creativity, intuition, and non-linear methods (feminine energy) is essential for joy and expansion on the path of abundance. In this book Dorris is discussing how women entrepreneurs can ask for more, and create more miracles in all areas of our lives...