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Stop $pending Money on Your People - How to Turn HR into a Profit Center

Stop $pending Money on Your People - How to Turn HR into a Profit Center

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For over 23 years Dr. Cauvier has been an advocate of the notion that HR/Human Capital function needs to be seen and held accountable as a Profit Center . Companies must stop spending money on HR activities and start investing instead. When we think in terms of investments, there is an implied expect rate of return from these investments; HR should be no different. Each investment needs to be analyzed to consider the business case rationale prior to proceeding and then measured to determine the actual contribution made to the bottom-line. This book makes a compelling argument that in order to survive let alone prosper in today s turbulent marketplace HR functions must get beyond the traditional transactional processes and contribute towards the company s profits. Stop $pending Money on Your People shares Dr. Cauvier s PROFIT model to articulating the business case of where and how to make wise investments based on HR generated solutions, and ultimately how to measure the ROI on these HR generated solutions. Many case examples from Dr. Cauvier s international consulting practice will showcase specific HR solutions and the ROI generated. Stop $pending Money on Your People also includes dozens of ready to use tools, checklists and templates to facilitate the implementation of Dr. Cauvier s concepts.