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Eat Your Way to Success: The Leader's Guide to Ultimate Energy & Focus

Eat Your Way to Success: The Leader's Guide to Ultimate Energy & Focus

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Being the best leader you can be requires you to be as alert as possible and sustain strong energy levels despite high pressure, sleep deprivation and deadlines. This book will share insights on how the food you eat ultimately impacts your performance as a leader. Learn how to decrease or eliminate: Fatigue - Irritability - Food guilt - Impatience - Distractions - Sugar sensitivity - And more! Results: Steady energy - Sharper mindset - Stronger focus - More patience - Happier disposition - Healthier metabolism - Burn fat faster - And more! Now, with results like that, doesn't it make sense to learn more about food choices, especially during challenging times? Isn't that when you are needed to show up in the most peak state? Instead of reaching for the comfort food, skipping a meal or grabbing the wrong thing because it is fast, wouldn't it be smarter to be better prepared and eat what will make you stronger and more alert? That's a no-brainer! This book provides smart, easy, convenient and tasty strategies to make that possible. Additionally, create personalized guidelines and learn how to follow through on them. Plus, learn how to shift your mindset to increase your motivation and change limiting beliefs for lasting change. As a result, you advance your leadership effectiveness, which ultimately enhances the quality of your life.