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Extraordinary Leadership: Timeless Leadership Principles for Today's Leaders

Extraordinary Leadership: Timeless Leadership Principles for Today's Leaders

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If you could meet any one person in history and ask that person one question; who would you pick and what would you ask? The Gem Mastery Series of books is a compilation of quotes from some of the greatest leaders, motivators and business people of all time. These powerful, little books are for anyone seeking motivation and inspiration to achieve their dreams - whether it is to become a better person, a more successful business person, a more effective leader or whatever your dream - you have the ability to facilitate the change you desire. These inspirational quotes leap out from the page providing you with exactly what you need, when you need it. These gems of wisdom will supply you with the energy and motivation necessary to take action and achieve all that you are capable of achieving. In this book, you will discover timeless gems (quotes) from some of the world’s most influential leaders. Leaders and innovators, who have turned their values into action and, in the process, changed the way the world does business. This book is required reading for all who are in positions of leadership and/or those who support those in leadership positions. In order to get the most from your reading, we recommend that you read Extraordinary Leadership until you master the precious gems within.