Finding Success:  Lessons Learned by Female Executive Leaders

Finding Success: Lessons Learned by Female Executive Leaders

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This book is a guide for professionals young and old, experienced and inexperienced, female and male on how to navigate the murky waters of business and find the success you desire. The basis of this book is a qualitative narrative research study to explore what lessons female executive leaders could teach young women aspiring to leadership positions. The study was accomplished by interviewing 13 female executive leaders in Central Iowa. Study participants worked in a variety of industries including training and development, law, finance, government, education, and non-profit. The leaders included four CEOs, four Vice Presidents, a Compliance Office, an Executive Leader in Higher Education, the Managing Partner of a law firm, a Legislator, and a Magistrate Judge. The names of these leaders and their organizations have been changed for privacy protection. Participants discussed the way in which leadership has evolved, lessons learned through experience, and personal or business regrets. The leaders shared habits aiding their success, stress relief techniques, and words of wisdom for young women (and men!) in business. The leaders also voiced their views on the glass ceiling. The advice centered around three distinct areas: mind, body and spirit; business acumen; and relationships. The leaders strongly encouraged young professionals to balance work and personal responsibilities, and to have outside interests. Physical activity was important, as well as working both hard and smart. There was also a strong focus on the importance of networking and finding a mentor. In the back of each chapter, you will find a list of “Lessons Learned”, and three spaces to enter action items you will complete in order to reach your goals and allow yourself to live the life you have imagined.