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A Leadership Alphabet

A Leadership Alphabet

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Celebrated Executive Coach Ann Depta lays out the basics of effective leadership in simple, straightforward terms, letter by letter. In her 21 years as a leadership coach for such companies as Google, Disney, Target and Transamerica Reinsurance, Ann Depta has seen many managers become more effective by employing the techniques that she’s taught them. But as with any new skill, individuals need both tools and practice in order to be successful. While large tomes have been written about the art of leadership, in today’s world very few leaders have the time or inclination to wade through a fat book. Depta’s goal has been to provide this information in a brief, concise way that does not consume vast amounts of time. Thus, the idea of a Leadership Alphabet was born. This book provides a fast-track overview of key aspects of leadership. It can be used as a reminder when the manager is dealing with difficult issues. In addition, readers have especially benefited from using it as a discussion tool with their leadership teams, taking one letter at a time and assessing their strengths and weaknesses both as individuals and as a group.