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A Leader's Guide to Any Situation - The Ten Key Strategies

A Leader's Guide to Any Situation - The Ten Key Strategies

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This book reveals the 3 greatest myths of Leadership that could be holding you back. Are you aware of the common responses to absolutely avoid which could make or break your Leadership image? Do you know what Pyrrhic Victories are and why good Leaders avoid them at all cost? If you need help answering those questions, you need this book. By sharpening your Leadership skills you’re assured of job security, better assignments, increased recognition, greater rewards and advancement. This book is a guide that addresses those challenges and how to meet them through the application of The Law of the Slight Edge. It’s not an artifact nor is it long on theory. Each short chapter is a strategy that can be read individually rather than in sequence and applied immediately. You can review it again and again as a ready reference, especially to meet situations as they arise. The author distills, often through personal stories, what works and what doesn’t. ...About the author: John Nicholas specializes in Leadership training. The Pentagon used excerpts, for training, from his white paper report, "7 Rules of Leadership You Can Learn from the US Military That Can be Applied to Any Organization for Personal Success." He was the charter member of the corporate university development team for Beazer Homes, a national home building company. He founded manufacturing, real estate investment and consulting firms. Prior to that he held executive positions with Fortune 500 companies including IBM and the former investment banking firm of F.I. DuPont & Company. John is a former US Navy officer with service aboard the guided missile cruiser USS Little Rock CLG-4. He holds a degree in Sociology from Juniata College in Pennsylvania and was listed in past editions of Who’s Who in Professional Speaking.