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Leadership Development in the Middle East

Leadership Development in the Middle East

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Leadership in the Middle East has never been as vital as it is in the wake of the global financial crisis and the Arab Spring - yet there is a lack of detailed knowledge concerning strategies for developing capacity in leadership, national skills and knowledge management. This volume aims to address this deficit. This book is the first text on the subject of leadership development in the Middle East to be published in English (drawing on both English and Arabic scholarship) and will contribute to the knowledge and understanding of leadership theory and practice in the global economy. The volume provides in-depth analysis of the social, political and economic factors that shape leadership capacity building efforts and shows how leadership behaviors and practices differ from those in the West, reflecting an ethic of care, social responsibility and concern for developing both organization and individual capabilities as well as fostering community improvement and nation-building and advancing social justice and human well-being. The book reveals the complexity of leadership behaviors in the region and contextualizes analyses with broader contemporary debates including migration, governance, climate change and political leadership succession. The book also includes original insights into the role of women in leadership in business, politics and the community. This unique volume will benefit international organizational behavior/development specialists, international human resource development practitioners and students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It will be invaluable to development specialists, HR consultants and practitioners on assignment in the Middle East and for policy and capacity development experts in NGOs and international organizations such as the ILO, UN and World Bank. Contributors include: S. Abuznaid, A.J. Ali, R. Althakhri, R. Common, R. Hayat, K. Hutchings, A. Mamman, B.D. Metcalfe, F. Mimouni, K. Mohannak, T. Murfin, L. Mutlaq, M.F. Ozbilgin, C.J. Rees, G. Rice, S. Sendjaya, A.M. Suliman, N. Sultan, D. Weir, R. Wilson