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Leadership Improvement: The IT Maturity Method

Leadership Improvement: The IT Maturity Method

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The IT Maturity Method (ITMM) uses IT to methodically enhance, advance, integrate, and mature businesses. The ITMM quickly evolves IT and the broader enterprise into focusing on how technology can be used to impact and improve business function and further on how IT can be used for the transformation/maturation of organizations. IT Enterprise Architecture is the art and science of creating a holistic model of technology and associated business processes for an enterprise. IT Maturity advances this art and science several steps further as follows: 1. The art and science of creating holistic models is extended to Vendor Integration, as well as Leadership Improvement. 2. Mechanisms for tracking and measuring of technology, business processes, vendor integration, and leadership are provided. 3. Tuning and advancing tools are built based on the results of tracking and measuring. 4. Methodologies are provided to evolve product and services based on emerging technology. This text covers ITMM Leadership Improvement. The other components of ITMM: Business Enhancement, Technology Advancement, and Vendor Integration are covered in separate training.