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10 Discussions for Effective Leadership: 10 Ways to Exceed Your Expectations as a Leader

10 Discussions for Effective Leadership: 10 Ways to Exceed Your Expectations as a Leader

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This is the second book from the lead author, Raymond Perras. Teaming up with two leadership coaching clients (Marcel Bellefeuille from the world of professional sports, and Bruno Lindia, a CEO and business owner), Raymond has developed a unique and groundbreaking effort to bring forward some issues that do not often get dealt with in a leadership book. Based on the concept of Peak Performance (the right stuff, in the right amount, at the right timeTM), this work provides a leader with insight into how to maximize results while reducing stress. Modern organizations need effective leaders. It is no longer sufficient to have the most advanced technology or systems to achieve maximum performance. There is growing evidence that future gains in productivity will only come from the people that do the work. Accordingly, the emphasis must now be on the human potential and not the hardware and systems. Extensive research by the Zenger-Folkman Group has produced very sobering results showing that organizations that are exceeding expectations and beating competition have a very definite focus on developing their leadership skills and abilities. They enable and empower their workforce to act with initiative, commitment to the goals and harmony in the group. Zenger-Folkman found that organizations that foster effective leadership increased some results over less successful ventures as follows: • reduced turnover by 50% • 3-5 times higher profits • 2-3 times higher employee engagement • 150% increased customer satisfaction • 4-5 times more employees willing to go the extra mile. Clearly, effective leadership is the key to superior performance at this time. In the 10 Discussions for Effective Leadership, the authors share their experience on ten activities that can make or break a leader. By doing the right thing, practicing empowerment, trusting your team, telling the truth, planning jointly, defining your vision and sharing it, leading by example, asking good questions, thinking like a champion, and remembering that your are "alone at the top", you can ensure that you will be an effective leader. This book aims at providing a no nonsense discussion of activities that make a big difference for leaders seeking to increase their effectiveness and exceed their expectations. It calls for "contemplation" of ways and means to transform the context and content of their leadership activities in order to enable their teams to dramatically improve their results.