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The New Expectations of Bank Leaders

The New Expectations of Bank Leaders

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This book was originally distributed as part of the resource materials for our CEO Advisory, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching clients. Many have found great value in this resource as a stand-alone guide for various leadership issues, and that’s great. However, the highest value will be derived by using this material as part of our comprehensive leadership development and executive coaching program. This leadership material is a compendium of personal observations at all levels of business and industry, as well as over fifty books on the subjects of leadership, military strategy, politics, business management and the coaching of championship sports teams. This updated version includes real world lessons and insights from our personal executive coaching of CEOs and their direct reports. The guide is filled with timeless leadership principles from all walks of leaders and our own studies of what works in the real world. It does not pretend to be entirely original thought, nor is it intended to be viewed as a cure-all for every issue you may face as a leader. The goal in assembling ideas and strategies from history’s greatest teachers, coaches, politicians and strategists, was to share some crucial leadership concepts that could directly impact your effectiveness, success and performance as a leader. Material has been organized into sections for quick reference. These quotations and reflections have been gathered, assembled and continuously revised over the past 25 years. Credit is cited where known. B&W Edition - October 2012