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The New Economic Currency: Authentic Leadership | Emotional Intelligence (Masters of Business Leadership Series Volume 2)

The New Economic Currency: Authentic Leadership | Emotional Intelligence (Masters of Business Leadership Series Volume 2)

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… Have you noticed most of the individuals and organizations thriving today have a high degree of authentic leadership and emotional intelligence? This is the new economic currency. Everyone is scared of change. Are you ready? Applying this book's wisdom is your first step. Foreword (Abridged) by Jeff Hayward What I Love About the MBL System: Awareness of what's holding you back This system peels back the layers of how we look at ourselves and others and it reveals the "many stories we tell ourselves". These self-fulfilling stories are fuelled by the fear, habits and perceptions that we individually harbour but which we are mostly unaware of. Once we become aware of those fears, habits, and perceptions, as well as the walls we build around ourselves as a result, there ceases to be an excuse for anything less than full engagement in all aspects of our lives. It's amazing how many stories I was telling myself, and now I find I call myself on it. It's this level of awareness of what's truly holding us back that helps pave the way for incredible results that all of us are capable of. The toxic leader At some point in our careers we all have or will likely come into contact with the 'Toxic Leader'. This is the person who is so old school and wrestling internally with so much fear that they simply poison the organization with their habits and actions. Yet they survive. It would be easy simply to avoid these people, but often we have no choice but to face them. By lowering our own walls and focusing on what's really important, we become authentic and it's the best way to engage the toxic leader. It frustrates them of course, they want desperately to steal everyone's energy and encourage others to also become the victims that they already are. These types usually leave the organization once the culture turns against them, but until that happens they act as an obstacle to achieving high performance results. The MBL system better prepares you to deal with the 'toxic leader' by helping you first avoid becoming a victim of your own self, and also preparing you from becoming a victim of those who masquerade as real leaders. Most people want to have a meaningful impact within our organizations and communities. The truth is that results come from people, and people that are fully engaged deliver better results. Engaged people are those that are highly motivated and truly inspired by authentic leadership. The MBL system is a unique and brilliantly straightforward approach to leadership that will raise your awareness of what may be holding you back and help you strive to be the only emotionally intelligent authentic leader you should ever be waiting for - You! Jeff Hayward, GM Marketing Grand & Toy/OfficeMax “The New Economic Currency is a very powerful roadmap to achieve the results you want. I have been using the MBL system for many years. The insights and results have been priceless. MBL’s Servant Warrior Leadership has created profound individual and organizational transformation.” Kim Kaminski, Master of Business Leadership Vice President of Marketing Vision Solutions, Inc. "To be a truly authentic leader one needs to capture that spark that lies within us all. Academic theory does not go far enough to facilitate this. The Emotional Intelligent approach does. In my years of teaching and mentoring MBA students I’ve come to appreciate that there is a large gap between the academic approach to management and leadership and the practice. This new book that emphasizes the emotionally intelligent approach may well be the start of the bridge for that gap.” David Noakes, MBA FRGS Mentor and Facilitator, Schouten University