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Leadership Lessons from the Martial Arts

Leadership Lessons from the Martial Arts

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Leadership Lessons from the Martial Arts is a jargon-free story of leadership principles guided by Marty's training as a Karate Black Belt and 25 years as a successful executive leadership coach. The result is an instructive blend of two different worlds, where the foundational lessons of one can be productively used to shape the perspective of the other. In Leadership Lessons from the Martial Arts, Marty applies the confidence, focus, discipline, and preparation learned through years of martial arts training to his work as a business leadership coach. Two passions coalesced in this leadership book: karate and leadership development. With just a cursory glance one might assume that the two have little in common. But as he was training to earn his black belt, Marty quickly realized that the personal transformation that he was experiencing through karate was indeed the same kind of transformation needed to boost leadership performance in business. With his karate training Marty was not only reshaping his physical skills but he was simultaneously reshaping how he approached new challenges, how he reacted to others, how he made decisions, and how he dealt with stress and difficult situations. Karate then required two equal parts-- physical training teamed with mindful attention. This re-framing of the mind was just the thing to form a solid foundation for leadership development. Leadership Lessons from the Martial Arts provides a proven approach to using ancient wisdom in building leadership strength.