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Leadership Savvy

Leadership Savvy

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"Leadership Savvy" is loaded with concrete, practical, and proven strategies that coach aspiring leaders to success and achievement and their organization to success. It maps out a clear path to career advancement through best practices, innovative tactics, and fresh perspectives. The reader will learn how to stand out as a leader, promote employee loyalty, and build an energized work force. The author cleverly points out obstacles to effective leadership by listing the most common leadership mistakes and proposing ways to avoid them through inventive alternatives. The book boldly dispels universally held beliefs as myths that are unfortunate impediments to optimal outcomes and career advancement and organizational progress. By introducing five keys to career success, some of which will surprise you, this book coaches the reader on the critical elements driving career advancement and organizational evolution. Endurance is one of these keys, and crucial coping mechanisms are presented which generate inner strength and a sense of peace that support a leader through the tough times. If you are stressed and frustrated at work, these coping strategies can save you. The promising message of achieving through facilitating the success of others and building employee loyalty by serving and nurturing those you lead and those you follow, reflect fresh perspectives that promote behavior that creates an environment in which everyone thrives. Proven best practices, summarized in checklist format, provide a measurement and monitoring device as well as a invaluable prioritization tool conducive to effective change management. These practices quickly put an aspiring leader on the path to being an inspirational, savvy leader. The book speaks to the power of courage. "Putting it all on the line when your gut and logic tell you it is the right thing to do and the right time to do it, well, there is just nothing else like it." It also advocates "Do Something Management," a perspective of total accountability that bring out the courage and strength required to be an extraordinary leader, for your staff to be strong and powerful associates, and your organization to be recognized as operating with integrity. Accountability is the key to inner strength Topics covered in the book are: Significance of Integrity Scope of Leadership--everybody leads Breadth of Accountability--do something mgmt. Courage--putting it all on the line Team Building--apping into diverse talent Take the Power--avoid the victim mentality Productivity--realizing progress squared Nurture Everyone Do the Job You've Got to Get the Job You Want The Value of Purpose Optimizing the People Component The author puts forth five keys to career success that will make as aspiring leader stand out in a powerful way: Aspiration--a fire in the belly Endurance--coping strategies The "and then some"--how to over deliver A Learning Environment--investing in people Expertise--obtaining knowledge and sharing it Achieving Productivity Squared The author emphasizes that leadership is service to others. Work gets done through people. That principle and others in the book make the reader a an inspirational leader. Not a wasted word in it, this book is jam packed, including examples of a "core value statement" and "behavioral model," valuable tools for building integrity and applying powerful leadership principles that support the success of a leader and his staff. The author has extensive management experience in dynamic, manpower-intensive production environments. She has an acute awareness of what it takes to be an exceptional leader and has tested the strategies proposed. They are articulated in a straightforward, candid manner that inspires and enlightens. This wealth of fresh and compelling information will turn the reader into a savvy leader, one who delivers the goods and enjoys the process of doing so--one who is a better leader and a better person.