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Attract Sell Keep:: The Art of Marketing Your Services

Attract Sell Keep:: The Art of Marketing Your Services

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Attract Sell Keep: The Art of Marketing Your Services is an expert guide to building an ethical, profitable, and enjoyable service practice. It used to be that a solid education, sound technical skills, and fine manners were enough to make a good living as a service professional. That’s not the case anymore. In today’s highly competitive environment, service professionals—from attorneys to CPAs, doctors to architects, painters to plumbers--must be rainmakers, whether they like it or not. ASK teaches professionals painless and cost-effective techniques to increase market awareness, attract more desirable prospects, and turn those prospects into loyal customers who are eager to help you grow your business by referring their family, friends, and acquaintances. You will learn to overcome the fears, biases, and false notions that block even the most ambitious professionals from taking straightforward and pleasurable marketing steps to grow their businesses. ASK provides proven, profitable, and non-manipulative ways to earn more business through concentrating on solving the prospect’s problem, building emotional rapport, and treating the prospect with respect. It is not an accident that the acronym for Attract Sell Keep is ASK. As you progress through this book, you will see that much of your success depends on your ability to ASK—the right questions of the right people at the right time. The time-tested ASK process can be adopted by anyone who is intent on becoming financially successful and achieving life time goals…and who is willing to ASK a few questions. Sharpen your rainmaking skills further with The ASK Workbook.