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Billion-Dollar Branding: Brand Your Small Business Like a Big Business and Make Great Things Happen

Billion-Dollar Branding: Brand Your Small Business Like a Big Business and Make Great Things Happen

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"Never before has there been such a clear-eyed, understandable explanation of brand for the common man. As a manual for laying the foundation for which all of your marketing is built, Billion-Dollar Branding is indispensable. It will make you rich, thin and gorgeous." --Jay Conrad LevinsonFather of Guerrilla Marketing & author of countless extraordinary books on marketing "The least-pretentious, most-infinitely-readable, indisputably smart book on the art and science of marketing I've read in...well, forever. Blaine and Honey combine decades of practical experience (and no small amount of wit) into a truly insightful guide to the critical act of delivering consistent, meaningful brand behavior--to the benefit of both consumer and bottom-line. Indispensable to a growing business, every piece of advice in here applies to each and every Fortune 500 brand as well." --Kristi VandenBoschAdvertising Agency CEO, Publicis & Hal Riney and TBWA\TEQUILA "How can something be so damn fun to read, easy to understand, and enormously helpful? I don't know. But it is. Buying this book won't make your business much more successful. But reading it and acting on the brilliant ideas in it will."--Pamela Wallace Academy Award-winning screenwriter and film producerGo ahead. Ask 10 people what branding is. You'll get 10 different answers. Mainly, those answers will be about things like logos, colors, fonts, jingles, or ads. The only apparent truth: Branding is the single most misunderstood concept in American marketing.But for the businesses who understand brand, life becomes much easier---and much more profitable.If you have a business and think your business has a brand, "Billion-Dollar Branding" will make you think again. "Billion-Dollar Branding" will shake the very foundations of everything you thought you knew about branding, rattle it around, and dump it down in front of you to be reassembled into the basis for pulverizing your competition.Or, at the very least, make it easier to advertise your business, win friends, and influence prospects.No matter the size of your business, whether there's one employee or one hundred, "Billion-Dollar Branding" has down-to-earth, actionable advice for your marketing. Drawing from examples as wide ranging as McDonald's and Motel 6, Andrew Dice Clay and Jeff Foxworthy, Denny's and the Disney Concert Hall, and various small businesses you've never heard of, "Billion-Dollar Branding" gets down to the business of branding---and offers a few laughs along the way. (Besides being career advertising professionals, both the authors have competed in the business of stand-up comedy. It's sometimes difficult to get them to behave.)No matter what kind of advertising you do for your business, whether you're a social media maniac or a hard-core, dyed-in-the-wool Direct Response fiend, or you insert a homemade flyer into your local paper once a month, "Billion-Dollar Branding" wants you to find your juicy center.