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Diagnosis and Analysis Reports on SEO Strategies (Chinese Edition)

Diagnosis and Analysis Reports on SEO Strategies (Chinese Edition)

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If we compare a website in lack of vigour to a grievous patient ,a SEO practitioner is a website doctor rescuing the suffering patient from the gloomy inferno. If you dreamt of becoming a doctor in the hospital when you were a kid but lost or missed the chance to make such a sacred profession,it is alternative to become another type of doctor.Yes,it is called Website Doctor.This book is a collection of real analysis cases and practical diagnosis reports.At the end of such practical analysis and diagnosis reports upon the miserable websites,the prescriptions will be given in accordance with physiological and pathological phenomena of the pitiful websites. The book contains five cases or patients that you can call .Let me introduce these five patients.Their names are Hunting Camera Website,Wholesale Chair Website,Retail Chair Website,Electronic Gadget Website and Traditional Chinese Medicine Website respectively.Why do such five people suffer from diseases? How can we diagnose and analyse their diseases? How should we make a specific formula or prescription for each painful patient?Let us open the door of Website Medicine and explore the secrets of diagnostics and pharmaceutics for the sake of anguished patients. Before we enter into the world of website medicine,it is of vital importance to emphasize one point as follows: The book does not contain any theory.If you want to know SEO theory and thus come along with us into the world of website medicine,you will regret coming here as the book is about real practical analysis cases and diagnosis reports.