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Brand Revolution: Ousting Old Mideast Trading Mindsets

Brand Revolution: Ousting Old Mideast Trading Mindsets

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Revolutions continue to proliferate throughout the developing world, especially in the Middle East. But did you know that marketing plays a role in the unrest? Brand revolution doesn't automatically lead to the overthrow of a dictator, but the way we market goods and services can play an important role in the fight against tyranny. In fact, without a shift in the commercial world, broader revolutions would have much smaller chances of success. Join marketing expert Said Aghil Baaghil, who explores a new mindset that is taking hold in the Middle East and beyond. Participants in the revolution and outside observers alike will discover how a new generation of leaders can lead regional brands to a more global platform. He also provides methods for conducting business in order to make your brand thrive-no matter where your business is located; promoting organizational change; and cultivating employees that can succeed in a globalized world. He takes a wide view, examining ways in which entire nations are branding themselves to promote tourism and create stronger economies. Shift your strategic focus with ease and achieve your financial and organizational goals with Brand Revolution.