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Cutting Edge Issues of Marketing Wine in India: Fourth Edition eBook of August 2011 (Volume 4)

Cutting Edge Issues of Marketing Wine in India: Fourth Edition eBook of August 2011 (Volume 4)

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Fourth Edition eBook of August 2011... ‘Cutting Edge Issues of Marketing Wine in India’ Compiled by SHYAM GOKARN. IT’S ABOUT WINE IN INDIA. The future has arrived in the World of Wine and is rapidly transforming the way we look at it. One’s expectations are high and each one is looking for long bright future in the Indian Wine Industry. So to say, we are well aware that the Indian wine market is on an expansion spree and worldwide wine makers are seeking to uncork the Indian market. Turning our interests in this particular direction, the eBook has been developed to cherish the eager anticipation. Shyam Gokarn, B.tech (Hons) Chemical Engineer from IIT, is an independent worker and author. After studying basic issues for about a decade in various segments of Wine Industries, he has gathered specific information in India and abroad from several wine units, wine merchants, importers/exporters and wine enthusiasts. The idea is to gather knowledge and cultivate with interaction and to create a platform to share and form a learning culture. The fourth edition eBook, “Cutting Edge Issues of marketing Wine in India” has been published globally in August 2011. The book is a collection of facts and data giving adequate statistical knowledge. It tells where, to whom and at what price to sell Wine in India elaborating Import duties, taxes and levies in major Cities and States. All the vital and decisive information along with charts that anyone requires worked out with painstaking attention. The eBook is rich in details and developed thoroughly offering an anticipated tidbit of information. You will have all the details of Wine Manufacturers, Importers, agents and distributors in India. The eBook is exclusive for Wine Manufacturers and Wine lovers who intend to enter the Indian wine market and those who strive to get the feel and depth of Grapes and Wine in India.