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Sales Seduction: Why Do You Say Yes?

Sales Seduction: Why Do You Say Yes?

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Want to Influence More Prospects to Say “Yes” to Your Message? What you will discover in this book has the power to transform your results exponentially—because it will simplify your message, amplify retention, and multiply your conversions. • If your message is getting lost, these insights will grab attention, increase recall, and boost sales • If your sales cycle is too long, this book will accelerate the process and save you time and money • If your prospects need to “think about” doing business with you, this knowledge will help you trigger a decision Rhondalynn has taken the key findings from the latest brain research and boiled them down to a simple, step-by-step process that you can use to captivate attention, accelerate your sales process, trigger decisions, and close more business. Not only will she explain what works and what doesn’t, she will help you apply it to your message, your product or service, and your customers. “Why do some prospects buy from you while many others don’t? Sales Seduction unveils what neuroscience has proven about decision making so that you can buy and sell more insightfully.” Siimon Reynolds Executive Director, The Fortune Institute “A big difference exists between what is “said” and what is “heard”. This difference matters a lot in business. Sales Seduction introduces some fascinating concepts about how the brain works to help us all speak more effectively to the hearts and minds of our customers.” Gary Kovacs CEO Mozilla Corporation “These insights clarify the way that brands, products and services get noticed, talked about and bought. Sales Seduction gives you a step by step process for understanding and applying neuroscience to your message to instantly increase your influence and impact.” James Malinchak, Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show “Secret Millionaire”, The World’s Leading Big Money Speaker® Trainer & Coach, Founder www.BigMoneySpeaker.com “Like Gladwell and Dubner, Korolak combines storytelling with business lessons to create a helpful resource that is also hard to put down. It's a gift that only the best business authors possess.” James Tuckerman, Anthill Magazine