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SEO Secrets For 2012: Search Engine Optimization

SEO Secrets For 2012: Search Engine Optimization

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Secrets For 2012 is a book giving up to date information and 100% coverage of all the elements of Search Engine Optimization. Mike Monahan has consulted with the best including SEO guru Sean Odom outlines the secrets professionals use themselves and charge thousands of dollars to provide to their customers. These strategies will help anyone optimize their website and dominate the world's leading search engines. The Internet is now the telephone book. So as a business you have to do the equivelent of a full page ad by being at the top of all the major search engines for your keywords. Your website has to stand out in the center of 90+ million other sites. This is the most up-to-date tell-all guide for anyone trying to reach the highly coveted #1 ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo! It provides up-to-date coverage including the Panda, Refresh, and Mayday algorithm Updates. This book also contains full coverage of Google Search Plus Your World and Google+. Whether you're a search engine optimization expert or new to website rankings, the techniques revealed in this book will give you everything you need. This is the only guide you need to place your website at the top of the major search engines in 2012! “Best SEO Book Ever!”--Mindy Morgan - LocalNewsday.com “Without Mike Monahan, I wouldn’t be a success from the web today. ”-- Raj Halsteen - autotransportexperts.com“My websites make a million dollars per month thanks to Mike Monahan. Before him 1/50 of that. He is my SEO guide for life!” -- Roger Chapman, GPSBUSINESSLIST.com