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Stand Out From the Crowd, The Your People Guide to Beside-the-Box, Funky, From-the-Heart DIY Marketing, PR & Social Media

Stand Out From the Crowd, The Your People Guide to Beside-the-Box, Funky, From-the-Heart DIY Marketing, PR & Social Media

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"Stand Out from the Crowd, the Your People Guide to beside-the-box, funky, from-the-heart DIY marketing, PR & Social media" is a fun, easy read that helps entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners get a handle on marketing. Written by entrepreneur, writer and business expert Lynne Meredith Golodner, this book gives you an easy do-it-yourself understanding to creating a comprehensive marketing campaign that will build exposure for your business by building strategic relationships. Sections include detailed focus on public relations, social media and an array of marketing endeavors, all of which focus on connecting companies with the people who are likely to become loyal, returning customers and your best word-of-mouth marketers. Golodner writes, "The quintessential American dream lies in the belief that anything is possible, that hard work pays off, giving us infinite success, happiness and a sense of a job more than well-done. The American dream is to live our lives the way we choose, to fill our days with the activities and interactions that give us meaning and make a life. If your dream includes creating a business you own yourself and over which you are lord, then you already know there are many, many details to think about. Budgets. Products. Customers. Location. Exposure. Repeat business. Collaboration. Growing, building, thriving. It's the nitpicky details, the step-by-step layout of a business, that causes most people confusion, angst and ultimately, failure." "In the worst economy of my lifetime, as a single mother to three young children, I created a company that grew financially every year since its creation. What's more, I love what I do. Your People builds business by building relationships. To build relationships in business, you must follow the same path as making friends: take your time and be sincere. At the core of what we do, Your People combines marketing, public relations, social media, business development, branding, and a bit of common sense to create custom campaigns that get businesses noticed and keep conversations going strong. We work with all kinds of companies because the type of industry doesn't matter; any business can show how remarkable it is. We help them find their stories and tell them through the proper channels so people listen." "All entrepreneurs walk a path of stories: what inspired them to start out on their own, to break with convention, to take risks, to come up with ideas and put them into motion in ways that are unique and unparalleled. That is the fabric of the American way-to blaze a path that no one has walked, to believe you can do anything, to know hard work pays off. Our nation was built on the gumption and rebellion of people no one else wanted or believed in. Persistence, stubbornness, and conviction enabled us to literally rule the world." "Anyone can rule the business world. The most brilliant innovators of our time dropped out of college, for goodness sake. There is no one right way to get where you want to go. Simply wanting something so badly that you won't be talked out of it is an important component in the success stories of millionaires. In this book, you will learn how to create a buzz around your company and build lasting exposure. It won't happen overnight. But it will happen-if you plug away at the work that it requires to get your business in the public eye." Includes worksheets and step-by-step instructions for putting your plans into action and creating a campaign that will steadily grow your business beyond belief.