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Bullseye: The Small & Local Business Marketing Success Playbook (Volume 1)

Bullseye: The Small & Local Business Marketing Success Playbook (Volume 1)

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Bullseye is a must have reference and success handbook for anyone contemplating starting or running a small to medium sized local business. The challenge of today’s entrepreneur is to establish, maintain and grow their business in concert with offering value, creating a vibrant presence and bettering customer loyalty. Bullseye is written as a comprehensive yet basic overview to help drive and build your business. This book utilizes a blend of classic and traditional marketing principles alongside of discovering how to leverage today’s digital and social media platforms. The entrepreneurs and business owners of the 21st century now must know how to tap the expanding interest and broadening landscape of online marketing coupled with the task of keeping a solid foothold in the more traditional marketing mediums. This book is inspired reading for anyone looking for ways to establish, cultivate and expand their local customer base and ignite or energize their sales. Build upon the proven techniques that this book offers and leave your competitors stalled at the starting blocks. How to formulate and scale your actions within the construct of building an effective marketing plan. What is a USP and how to use this message in your marketing to elevate you from the competition. Establishing and build your brand while keeping the attention of your customers and followers. How to let traditional and internet marketing channels do the heavy lifting towards your local business success. How to market and grow your online presence with little to no money or experience. Find ways to target your audience and beeline local customers to your front door. How to use existing customers for referrals that help you further market and grow your company. Bullseye is packed with practical strategies that make it a one-of-a-kind resource for any local business owner or entrepreneur.