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The Brand Story In All Its Glory

The Brand Story In All Its Glory

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Everyone in business today wants to establish or build their brand for their "thing" and make the sale. But guess what, only the customer can grant that and the customer can take all of it away, fast. So when it comes to building a brand, you must start the process with clarity and direction, similar to that of an architect when designing and building a house, with a blueprint, something that guides and drives everything else. In the world of marketing and advertising, this is called your Brand Story. Mark, a seasoned pro in the ad industry, introduces you to the importance of developing a clear blueprint or "story" in this timeless treasure of book, "The Brand Story In All Its Glory." The Brand Story directs, guides and drives your marketing, advertising, public relations, social media, promotions, etc., and conveys that message to your target audience. It's the foundation from which to build, and the glue that holds the thing together. Great stories become classics, and with a good one, you can make your mark in history. Without one, you will quickly be a thing of the past. "The Brand Story In All Its Glory" available in paperback and Kindle.