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I Want to Buy Your Product.. Have You Sent Me a Sales Message Yet?

I Want to Buy Your Product.. Have You Sent Me a Sales Message Yet?

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Discover how to craft powerful sales letters, marketing material, lead generation web pages and social media snippets that connect with your customers and prospects and ethically persuades them to buy from you! Carol Bentley is a professional copywriter specialising in direct response marketing. Her first edition of 'I Want To Buy..' has already helped numerous business owners write profit-generating sales letters. In this revised edition she shares more powerful copywriting insights. Plus, with the help of her expert guest authors, she reveals other marketing tactics, both online and offline. Inside You Will Discover: • Why a charismatic letter generates impressive profits; use the Charisma formula in your letters • How hitting their 'hot-spot' compels your prospect to respond • How these thirteen techniques make your offer irresistible • Eight secrets professional copywriter's use to generate massive sales • How to confidently predict response to your sales messages • Six crucial elements for the perfect lead-generating webpage • Why understanding email psychology gives you an advantage • Revealing insights on using social media in your business • The no-cost, high-return marketing strategy that benefits every business • How to gain a powerful marketing edge over your competitors