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Handbook of Developments in Consumer Behaviour (Elgar Original Reference)

Handbook of Developments in Consumer Behaviour (Elgar Original Reference)

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This Handbook examines the area of consumer behavior from the perspective of current developments and developing areas for the discipline, to new opportunities that comprehend the nature of consumer choice and its relationship to marketing. Consumer research incorporates perspectives from a spectrum of long-established sciences: psychology, economics and sociology. This Handbook strives to include this multitude of sources of thought, adding geography, neuroscience, ethics and behavioral ecology to this list. Encompassing scholars with a passion for researching consumers, this Handbook highlights important developments in consumer behavior research, including consumer culture, impulsivity and compulsiveness, ethics and behavioral ecology. It examines evolutionary and neuroscience perspectives as well as consumer choice. Undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers in marketing with interests in consumer behavior will find this enriching resource invaluable. Contributors: P.J. Albanese, R. Belk, C.S. Craig, S.P. Douglas, G.R. Foxall, R.E. Goldsmith, L. Green, C.S. Gulas, D.A. Hantula, M. Hubert, U. Javed, P. Kenning, M. Linzmajer, L.L. Oliveira, K. Peattie, D. Ross, H. Timmermans, R.H. Tsiotsou, M.G. Weinberger, M.F. Weinberger, V.K. Wells, J. Wirtz, M. Yani-de-Soriano, S.Y. Yousafzai, J.L. Zaichkowsky