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Handbook of Marketing Strategy (Elgar Original Reference)

Handbook of Marketing Strategy (Elgar Original Reference)

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This authoritative, comprehensive, and accessible volume by leading global experts provides a broad overview of marketing strategy issues and questions, including its evolution, competitor analysis, customer management, resource allocation, dynamics, branding, advertising, multichannel management, digital marketing and financial aspects of marketing. The Handbook comprises seven broad topics. Part I focuses on the conceptual and organizational aspects of marketing strategy while Part II deals with understanding competition. Customers and customer-based strategy, marketing strategy decisions, and branding and brand strategies are covered in the next three parts while Part VI looks at marketing strategy dynamics. The final part discusses the impact of marketing strategy on performance variables such as sales, market share, shareholder value and stakeholder value. All of the chapters in this Handbook offer in-depth analyses of research developments, provide frameworks for analyzing key issues, and highlight important unresolved problems in marketing strategy. Collectively, they provide a deep understanding of and key insights into the foundations, antecedents and consequences of marketing strategy.This compendium is an essential resource guide for researchers, doctoral students, practitioners, and consultants in the field of marketing strategy. Contributors: T.J. Arnold, G.S. Carpenter, D. Chandrasekaran, J.A. Czepiel, M.G. Dekimpe, C. Frennea, G.F. Gebhardt, K. Gielens, R. Grewal, D.M. Hanssens, K. Helsen, D.L. Hoffman, D.B. Holt, K.E. Jocz, K.L. Keller, R.A. Kerin, V. Kumar, M.B. Leiberman, V. Mittal, D.B. Montgomery, T.P. Novak, R.W. Palmatier, J.A. Quelch, B. Rajan, J.S. Raju, R.C. Rao, B.T. Ratchford, J.H. Roberts, D.D. Rucker, G. Sabnis, R. Sethuraman, V. Shankar, G. Tellis, R. Varadarajan, P.C. Verhoef, R.S. Winer