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In Search of "Congruence"- and Success in Selling

In Search of "Congruence"- and Success in Selling

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Congruence is the point at which the buyer and seller are aligned and the sale is made.In this pragmatic book the experience of a successful sales professional is coupled with the insight of a business psychology practitioner in a unique combination.Together they outline how the principles of e?ective successful selling have evolved during four distinct chronological eras. These principles, founded on their model of Behaviour, Attitude, Skill and Knowledge, are developed to encompass the changing require-ments of the customer during the four eras. Underpinning this approach is the informal research that empowered the authors to develop an understanding of the Customer Buying Process - and subsequently to share this with sales professionals in sales teams and contact centres both nationally and internationally.The relaxed style of this book makes for an easy read but, throughout, there are ideas and suggestions that the true sales professional can make their own.