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A Writer's Guide to Fame and Fortune: Get the respect you deserve, the work you want, and the money you're worth. (Volume 1)

A Writer's Guide to Fame and Fortune: Get the respect you deserve, the work you want, and the money you're worth. (Volume 1)

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If you are in business or in an industry that is highly competitive; authorship can be a game changer. It enhances credibility, raises status, attracts business, brings in more money, and builds a personal brand like nothing else. A Writer's Guide to Fame and Fortune provides first-time and experienced writers with an action plan for understanding their ideal reader, choosing a "hot" subject, going through the writing process, and getting published faster than they ever thought possible. Who this book is for: Business professionals currently between assignments Expert consultants delegated to accepting projects from anyone who offers a contract Seasoned employees who see the best projects go to people younger or less qualified Retirees, white-collar, blue-collar, or military, who are not yet ready for full retirement Small business owners looking for new and effective ways to market Self-employed individuals who find themselves between projects Lawyers, accountants, and accredited professionals frustrated with networking efforts Health care providers struggling to build a practice Inventors who need venture capital Entrepreneurs impatiently waiting for opportunities to find them Administrators of nonprofits desperate for funding Graduate students forced to compete in an employers' market Every expert who has ever said "Someday, I am going to write a book" A Writer's Guide to Fame and Fortune stems from the author's 25-year career as a marketing communications consultant; and grew out of the issues and concerns of clients, consultants, entrepreneurs, and other professionals worried about today's' economy and its impact on small business. Especially their own. Today, even the most marketing savvy are not satisfied with returns from traditional advertising, minimal leads from websites and blogs, and little measurable results from time-consuming social media efforts. They all ask, "What else can I do?" To answer that question, Amy Lorenti recommends the one action proved to work time and again. "Establish yourself as the 'go to' expert; write a book." New developments in science, technology and politics impact our lives every day. Businesses and organizations, in particular, are desperate for experienced and knowledgeable individuals to help them successfully navigate the brave new world we find ourselves in. They want - and need - to hear from experts; and the sooner the better. "They need to hear from you."