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Magic Bullet Finance Skills for Sales and Marketing

Magic Bullet Finance Skills for Sales and Marketing

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This book is aimed at sales and marketing managers who want to develop their financial skills and knowledge to become better - and ultimately more successful - in business. Written in a clear, jargon-free style, it cuts through the business speak and management gobbledygook to help you: • Better understand how companies work • Evaluate the financial health of your customers • Spot the danger signs of a failing business • Avoid the pitfalls of poor pricing decisions • Monitor your sales performance against budget Each chapter has exercises with answers and a checklist of business terms to test your knowledge as you go along. The book also features a glossary of financial phrases so you're not left scratching your head during business meetings. Brian Watts is a retired university lecturer and author of several books on business finance. 'Magic Bullet Finance Skills for Sales and Marketing' is based on his 30 years of experience as a private consultant training sales and marketing managers for blue-chip firms throughout Europe and the US. He has condensed the teaching material and feedback into a pocketbook guide to bring it to a wider audience.