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Marketing to Tourist: A Guide for Small Businesses (Volume 1)

Marketing to Tourist: A Guide for Small Businesses (Volume 1)

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How much is one good idea worth? It?s not often that an opportunity comes along when, for almost nothing, you can increase your business in the middle of a weak economy. This concise little book is packed full of ideas that will make that happen. Marketing to Tourist is specifically written for the small business with big ambitions. Marketing professional Dean Lewis brings some thirty years of experience to the table with a casual, knowing style that makes this an easy, even enjoyable read. The book opens with a reminder that the fundamentals in marketing have not changed in two hundred years. It?s a gentle, cautionary nudge to remember past fads like Web2.0. From this, one may be tempted to think Lewis may not embrace the latest marketing trends. That idea is quickly dispelled in a light rain of statistics and research showing how to put the latest information to work for your small business. It?s refreshing to find a marketing expert who can say something besides ?Facebook.? In Marketing to Tourist you will discover a series of places where the new marketer may introduce an exciting tourist destination to an eager audience.